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Subject: 24th Trans. Co. 1963-1965

Dear Sir:

I recently (today) came across your web site.  I served with the 24th Trans. Co LTRK from  March 1963 at Ft. Eustis, the Company then PCSed to Ft Bragg N.C. I was bounced between the Deuce 4 and the 541st TC. We were attached to the 2nd. Inf in the summer of 1963 and then in1964 to the 11th Air Assault ( later 1st. Air Cav.)
My ETS was Aug 27 1965 the 24th. got orders for Viet Nam in about May of 1965, about 1/4 or less of the company were short timers so we did not go. I have always wandered what happened to my Buddies. Do you have a roster of the  24th their  first and second years in Nam ??
I have only met one guy who went over in 1965, Gary Flahart, he was a US but reenlisted, was stationed at Redstone Arsenal when he was killed in a airplane crash in Huntsville in the 1980s.  Anyway I will did through my photos and look for company markings on the bumpers, if you are interested in the 24thTC prior to Viet Nam. 
John Harper
US ARMY  1962-1965

Note from the Webmaster:  I was under the impression that th 24th had returned from Europe and went to Ft. Bragg.  Ft Eustis is brand new information.   The unit went to RVN aboard the USS General William Weigel in August of 1966. If anyone has info on this time please forward it to me


Talked with a buddy of mine who served in the 24th from 1963-65 and got out August 1965, he was also under the impression the 24th went to RVN shortly after we got out, September or October.   We can only suppose there was a delay, perhaps as the 24th was the only Truck Company with 21/2 ton trucks left in the Battalion out of three, 379th was in the Dominican Republic with filler troops from the 24th and 541st. The 541st left Bragg in July 65. Disappointed we were misinformed but glad to learn  the fact.






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