From:  Old broken down Retread

After going over this years reunion stats, all I can say is this was one great reunion done in typical 24th style. At 1600 hours we had close to 244 people to include everybody from a one week old infant to our 76 year old birthday boy Mr. Brown  former 24th trans co soldier. So from 0830 to 1600 a lot of 24th family came out to support this 4th Reunion. For those of you that donated to the reunion thank you very much from all of the 24th family. 1SG Robert McKine and Cpt. Chad Scott, Cpt Samantha Smay, and SFC William Bacon provided great leadership and planning and was on top of everything to help make this reunion a success. Thanks to the soldiers of 24th Trans company who displayed the equipment and told us about them as a lot of people liked that. Thank you FRG leader Christi Burget Gilham and new FRG leader Mrs Scott for your great support and dedication to the Reunion. Our Reunion committee has worked hard all year doing planning and organizing and they are Rafael Morales, Elcira Chomat Morales, Marty Young, Nan young, Nils Klem, Connie Chase Klem, Gabriel F. Castro, Mary Hogan, Mitch Hogan and all indirectly involved thank you very much. As usual I was the last to leave and even though it was empty at the lake you can still feel the 24th spirit there. Thanks to BG Sullivan our Chief of Transportation for his great remarks and just by being there for his Transporters and their families. Thank You LTC Anderson and his wife for their great support and dedication to the 24th Reunion. Thank CSM Thomas for your attendance and support. I will post more updates as they become available and check both 24th pages and our website: for all your info and updates. God Speed 24th from ole Retread!

Sorry it was my 78th. birthday I was born 19 july 1936 Retired SSg. Norman Brown