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The historical background of the Transportation Corps starts with World War I. Prior to that time, transportation operations were chiefly ...the responsibility of the Quartermaster General. The Transportation Corps, essentially in its present form, was organized on July 31, 1942.



This is not an official US Army webpage.  It's a ".net" not a ".mil." It is an effort by Veterans of the 24th Transportation Company to show the accomplishments of an Army Unit that we proudly belong to now or belonged to in the past. It was first activated as a "Negro Unit" in the Quartermaster Corp on 25 July 1942 at Camp Gruber, OK.  In this website, we want to show our visitors, the pride we have as present and former members of an outstanding combat support and sustainment element of the US Army. We serve and have served with honor every day by giving 100% effort. Our Unit's tradition is to accomplish whatever mission has ever been entrusted to us. The Freedom that we enjoy as Americans has never been free; it has been paid for by the sweat and blood of its military. Please enjoy your visit with us and may God Bless the USA.


CPT Chad P. Scott
, CO, 24thTC

1SG Robert L McKine, First Sergeant

SFC Jaime Rough, Truckmaster

Mrs. Lindsay Scott, spouse
Family Resource Guide and CO's CO

Mrs. Cherri McKine, Spouse

PFC Schuyler Silvia, Comittee Member

Nils Klem, Public Affairs Representative and Assistant Webmaster, Veteran 

[email protected]

Marty Young, Treasurer and BBQ Chef

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Ronald Dunlap, Veteran, Committe Chairman
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Rafael Morales US 51582859
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