24th Composite Truck Company

Historically known as the

24th Transportation Company

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Parting words from CPT Scott:

Team, it is hard to say goodbye but I know you will continue to be the best Transportation Company in the world. Your actions both on and off duty have proven that fact to me every day, and I was proud of you every night when I went home.  This company was never about me, it was about us, as Truckmasters. Every accomplishment from winning the SABER Award, to winning the Safety Excellence Award, conducting the first gunnery in company history, moving equipment over a total of ...306,000 miles, conducting long haul to Fort Leonard Wood, successfully supporting this entire division with uninterrupted transportation support, and much more is because you, the Soldiers, executed flawlessly. I was honored to be your commander and I thank you for everything you have done for me.  Please welcome the new commander with open arms and help her as much as you have helped me. You are a wonderful team so please remember to take care of each other. If you ever need anything from me I will always be there to help.  I am signing off and turning the unit  over to CPT Pierce but it was a pleasure to work side by side all of you.  God bless.  Truckmasters! King of the Road!

CPT Scott, Truckmaster 6  (10JUL14-03NOV15)

From the Veterans of the 24th: Thank you for your leadership, Sir!!

Welcome CPT Pierce to the finest Transportation Unit in the Army's History.
Being a Truckmaster will be a source of pride forever as it is for the Veterans of the Unit.


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2016 is the 50th anniversary of the 24th arrival in Vietnam

On 31 August 1966 the 24th hit the beach in Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam. In our 50th anniversary we are asking Vietnam Vets to make a special effort to come to the Reunion. The young men and women in the Unit, will welcome you with open arms and show you their new hi-tek equipment. You will meet with other 24th vets from Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and all eras. Bring your wives, children and grandchildren. See you in Ft. Riley.


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This is not an official US Army webpage.  It's a ".net" not a ".mil." It is an effort by Veterans of the 24th Transportation Company to show the accomplishments of an Army Unit that we proudly belong to now or belonged to in the past. It was first activated as a "Negro Unit" in the Quartermaster Corp on 25 July 1942 at Camp Gruber, OK.  In this website, we want to show our visitors, the pride we have as present and former members of an outstanding combat support and sustainment element of the US Army. We serve and have served with honor every day by giving 100% effort. Our Unit's tradition is to accomplish whatever mission has ever been entrusted to us. The Freedom that we enjoy as Americans has never been free; it has been paid for by the sweat and blood of its military. Please enjoy your visit with us and may God Bless the USA.

A comment about the Unit's change of designation

Being a senior citizen, soon to be 70, I hate to be one of those old men who always complain about change. Since world war II we have been the 24th Transportation Company and we had the description of our TOE in parenthesis. In 1966 we landed in Cam Rahn Bay as the 24th Transportation Company (LT TRK.)  I was in the unit then, that is how I know. Later on we reflagged with the 529th and became the 24th Transportation Company (MDM TRK)  and shortly thereafter, we got the nickname of Truckmasters which we have had since.  Why not have the designation of 24th Transportation Company (COMPOSITE TRK)? or simply 24th transportation company (Composite) or (hvy/mdm trk.)  If the Army should decide in the future to change the TOE all you have to change is the parenthesis and not the whole designation. Also, I found the unit a few years ago by googling 24th Transportation Company and that is what all the old soldiers, like me, are looking for. 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of the unit's landing in Cam Rahn Bay RVN. I will be making a big push on the website and veterans' magazines about it. I'd like to have as many Vietnam Vets as possible before we all fade away. They'll be looking for the 24th Transportation Company not another designation. There is a lot of history and pride attached to that designation. It will erase in the eyes of many the historical continuity of the unit.

Rafael Morales
Vietnam '66

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24th TC Bricks were added to the Transportation Museum in Ft. Eustis, VA


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