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For all the latest news regarding the Reunion

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CPT Chad P. Scott
, CO, 24thTC

1SG Robert L McKine, First Sergeant

SFC Jaime Rough, Truckmaster
Mrs. Lindsay Scott, spouse
Family Resource Guide and CO's CO

Mrs. Cherri McKine, Spouse

SPC Sasha Anderson, Committee Member

PFC Schuyler Silvia, Comittee Member
Nils Klem, Public Affairs Representative, Veteran 
[email protected]

Marty Young, Treasurer and BBQ Chef 

If you wish to make a monetary donation to the Reunion Fund contact

[email protected]

Nan Young, Spouse, Asst Treasurer

Mary Hogan, Spouse, memorabilia (t-shirts, patches, hats)

[email protected]

Ronald Dunlap, Veteran, Committee Chairman
[email protected]
Rafael Morales US 51582859, Veteran and Webmaster 
 [email protected]    








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 Our 2014 Reunion Page 

Our 2013 Reunion Page

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2-2 HET

Our Honors and Lineage (as of April 2003)

Part of our history in Germany as of 1953 

Copies of orders that show our history

2012 Reunion page

Company News and FRG Announcements

What it feels like to visit a military installation after many years of absence

A funny story from one of our drivers in VietNam

Tuy Hoa Orphanage-A mission of mercy

The truth behind the North Vietnamese actions in Vietnam

A soldier prays in Vietnam (prayers for the military)

Our 2011 Reunion Page 

Here we go again Apr 2007. See article

Baptism by Fire June 2008 Iraq

Somalia Deployment

Between Germany and Vietnam (new)


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Send your pictures, experiences, copies of orders, ideas, praises, words of encouragement and constructive criticisms to: [email protected]

 Rafael Morales US 51582859
24th TC '66 RVN